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      Well… I still haven’t bought the kebab! I’ve been using stuff that has been in the deep freeze for a while. Making space for when we next do a frozen food shopping trip… What is on my computer mouse? I honestly don’t know… Maybe that makes me negligent… But seriously… Does anyone clean their computer mouse? Really? I haven’t done so for as far back as I can remember. Computer keyboards… And the old gaming joysticks… Cassette tape drives to program computers… Some years ago, when I was a gardener, I used to collect chocolate bar wrappers in hedgerows and streets, so that I could send tokens off to get free pop-music tapes… And we didn’t always have somewhere to wash our hands before lunch break… And what about coach holidays? Where everyone handled all the handrails to get to and from their seat… How did we ever not get ill as children? And I was incontinent at night… Books? In a bookshop they are handled by thousands… Except maybe the ones on a certain newspaper’s best seller list!!!!  How can every new book be a bestseller straightaway? Mmmm, that’s marketing for you… Okay… As I write, it is almost time to prepare an evening meal… I’ll go loo, before again, washing my hands before starting food preparation. It is jacket potatoes… They start cooking in the microwave, then twenty or so minutes in the ordinary oven. A small amount of salt and butter… Delicious! I haven’t yet decided what else to have… I’ll see what is left in the freezer… More later, God bless you for reading.


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