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      Hi again,

      I booked a flight back to Germany, this Friday. I already started packing and I hope I’ll get everything else done tomorrow. I just couldn’t… I have to stay two more nights here and can hopefully spend Thursday-Friday at a friend’s place again. I hope it will be easy to cancel the room and just give the keys back. I really just want to escape…

      I shudder to even use the toilet here and I only shower at friends’ places. I feel like I won’t even make it to Friday…

      I also feel like a bad person for leaving because maybe then my study mate who is going to come here soon has to be alone in this place? I hope I can figure something out for her too tomorrow.

      Friday is going to be a lot day because there is only one flight to Frankfurt in the afternoon and then I still have to take the train etc.

      At least my parents talk to me.



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