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      Hi everyone.  I got pinged!!  The funny thing was, I got the message whilst enjoying a really nice cup of not to strong coffee at home…. With only three days left to self isolate… Well, I finished my drink, then waited half an hour before doing a self test. Another half an hour waiting, Thankfully it was negative…  To be honest, I’d only been to the gym on the tenth day before… That could be… But I followed all rules… I cannot remember that far back… Most important of all… The test was negative. There is no way I could have known anyway… Life is a risk, though thankfully, a relatively safe one…  I have to leave it behind. My ‘isolation ‘ ended a couple of days ago. I fancy chocolate biscuits… Even custard do-nuts. I had cheese and onion sandwiches for lunch. Anyone ever tried to wash an onion? No, me neither…. What could we wash them in? What have they always been grown in? Always…  And onion gives the cheese texture.  Pickled onions are in vinegar not disinfectant! Okay, that is enough about food… Okay… Time to write out favourite song, and make some flash cards to help me with my study towards being some sort of mental health worker one day.

      More later, God bless you for reading.


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