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      I have a 16 month daughter, when she cries, something she doesn’t do rarely, I dont care, I know what she is crying for.  She’s my best little friend.


      However, my wife’s brother has a son the same age, but he screams, runs about being much more messy and throws toys be around, then he just cries randomly and it goes on for hours sometimes, doesn’t stop


      This happened again, and I kept her family say ” Maybe he’s not well”  and in my anger I said ” no stop justifying it, he’s like this because this is how he gets what he wants, and he is acting up for some reason ”

      The parents have been asking family last minute for months to get child care, and it’s ended up being me and my wife several times, pushing double figures now.  They have not arranged child care at all, and are taking advantage of everyone.  Family then says but they are trying now, and I said I bet they come to one of us and ask for child care permantely.  Me and my wife both work, and have our own daughter to care for, why do they think it’s ok to pass their kid into us?  Yesterday we had him all afternoon, which a time I’m finished work and my wife is finished work.  Lucky we both work from home.  It’s hard work, as we just want to chill out with our toddler.

      Problem is, wife’s brother never tells is what his son needs, just assumes we know, doesn’t pass on any information and gets away with being this way, cause he’s the golden boy for some reason.  He is a selfish man, does nothing for anyone and after all these times we’ve took his son, he’s never taken our daughter, not even to offer us lunch or an early meal while they fare for Harper.

      So when the toddler is here, my nephew the anger is fuelled inside me and I just look at him and think for I hate you, you are so annoying, I have to watch you again because your parents don’t make an effort to arrange child care, and ask us, who already has toddlers.

      Intrusive thoughts run through me and I’m like ” God I want to just bop you, or bap you, and tell you how much f-kin work you are because your lazy ass dad won’t arrange child care.

      I don’t know what’s going on?  Am I a bad person?  Or am I feeling this way because I truly can’t stand my wife’s brother and he’s throwing all this extra stress onto us for no reason, not considering how it effects he, and not giving a second thought to it.  He never does anything for anyone, known him for 16 years and he hasn’t done one single thing for us.  So I get so angry when looking after his son, because I know he just doesn’t care about others feelings.  That makes me feel this hatred Towards his son and I don’t know how to fix it?


      Please help, or phone the police on Mr for these thoughts!!!

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