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    Choking on flowers

      so i was watching a video today and then it touched upon the subject of being transgender, which sent me into a panic. So what i did after that was go straight to the restroom and look at myself in the mirror for almost an entire hour, trying to figure out if i felt comfortable with being female or not. while i did that i had a lot of thoughts racing through my head, and i began feeling really anxious as i kept asking/repeating the same questions to myself over and over again to make sure i was a girl. but no matter what i did the feeling that something was wrong wouldnt go away. I didnt feel like there was anything wrong with my body, but i kept saying to myself “I like being a girl and i like my body, but what if i don’t?” and this feeling wouldnt stop and then after that i got onto my computer and looked up images of both guys and girls to see which gender i identified with more. I found myself wanting to look more like the girls, but then whenever i looked at the guys I felt this awful feeling in my stomach cuz i imagined myself looking like them. my mind was all over the place and i knew i had to stop doing all these things, so i stopped for a little while and then as i began to calm down i looked back at everything i just did and i thought “nah…im sure im a girl.” and now i feel fine again. Is this a normal experience with ocd? i few minutes ago i was freaking out over the thought of me being a man but then i stopped doing the compulsions and now im back to feeling like a girl. I’m sure that must mean that its ocd and not gender dysphoria, but im still scared. Tell me, does this sound like ocd at all?


        Yes it definitely sounds like ocd. Probably you need to catch yourself before you get onto a roll doing compulsions. Like you think of going to the rest room to look in the mirror. Try to catch yourself in the act and tell yourself “no tests”. Tests are compulsions. You have to feel the anxiety but sit down and refuse to do a test.

        All the best.

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