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    Choking on flowers

      I’ll sometimes get thoughts of myself being the opposite gender and I can’t tell if it’s what I want or not. Sometimes I imagine myself as a man and then I can’t tell if I would rather be a man or a woman. I want to be a woman, and I’d rather chose to be a woman rather than be a man, but it’s like I fear that I could be a trans man in denial. And because my compulsion has to do with figuring out if I’m a man or not, I’ve gone too deep in transgender research and obscure labels that make everything way too confusing. I just want to be a woman, not any other gender. I don’t want any made-up labels for myself either, I just want to be female. I just want to be a girl. I see myself as female but because of all these questions and “supposed answers”, I just feel really scared that I could be anything but.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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