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      Now my ocd is telling me of a time I can’t remember what I was thinking about and said something out loud something about “fuck me” or something along these lines that’s all I can remember and it’s now saying I said it out loud whilst thinking about this thought recently about my husbands friend. I remember briefly remembering I said something whilst doing myself many years ago when I wasn’t with my husband and was thinking about something else but I can’t remember when it was and it’s trying to convince me I said it out loud whilst thinking about the thought in this post, and I’m trying to piece the puzzle together and it’s making me believe I did and I actually feel so sick about it how could I say such a thing when I love my husband! I just feel this is partly false memory of me trying to piece things together and ocd making it worse! It’s never came into my mind at all until now and I keep thinking was this because I wasn’t bothered and just said it or was it actually years ago? I’m honestly going out my mind with these thoughts and don’t know what to do! I feel so sick that I would even say something like that out loud, why can’t I remember when I said it and when and who or what was I thinking about?

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