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      I have ocd and believe that I am guilty in some way for all the incidents I worry over and more. I don’t want to spend evy night ruminating on this. I’m hoping someone can give me some advice or help me with this.



        Being a determinist I don’t believe in free will, so have no belief in guilt, in any strong sense. I think we all simply do what we do because of our biological and environmental programming. A few people manage to question their programming and break the hold of unhelpful programms.

        I do believe in conscience, but even that needs to be educated. My view is that many people spend over-much time agonising over a whole bunch of stuff which they have no real need to worry over. We OCDers even worry about stuff which is pure fiction.

        Try not to beat yourself up over anything. I hope your condition improves.



          This is very normal. It’s a guilt reaction. When we get a thought we tend to over analyze and ruminate on the thought. The more we do this the more the brain tells us we are in danger and we are constantly in fight or flight mode. Our anxiety is overly heightened and with that comes an inflated sense of danger. Once the anxiety is lowered we can see things more rationally. Try and delay the rumination as much as possible by living parallel with the fear yet going about your day as of nothing is wrong. You will eventually show your brain there is nothing to fear.

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