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      So when My OCD first started I was about 10 but I had no idea what it was or that I had it, and I remember having this thought every time I got out of the car about flinging my seatbelt and hitting the person next to me with it. I had no  idea why I thought it but I after I had it for awhile I decided to do it(bc I had no idea what intrusive thoughts were so I wanted to see why I kept thinking about it). And in the thought I thought about the seatbelt hitting the person but I never thought of it actually hurting them. But one time I actually did it and hit my brother in the arm and it hurt him, and I felt horrible cause I didn’t really realize it would’ve hurt. So even though this was like 7 years ago I read something saying that people with OCD never act on their thoughts but I did, now I’m so scared that I’m actually a horrible person

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