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      thank you for your reply’s.

      I meant to write, I need to prove I’m not dangerous.  That’s what I get for typing without my glasses on!

      Yeah they have gotten this so so wrong.

      my little boy is in his fathers care, he has been advised by social services to exercise his parental rights, it hasn’t been to court.

      Usually this would be okay, but his father has been emotionally abusive towards me for years.
      I did ask my GP to contact the social worker and explain things from my perspective and also her own character judgement of myself. The GP explained she knew about my history or intrusive thoughts but had no concerns as she knows my boys are my world.
      the social worker reported her to the surgery’s safe guarding lead!!


      how do I appeal ?

      I feel like our bond is slowly fading and already I’m noticing my ex is getting inside my sons head.

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