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      Hi everyone… Hopefully things will be okay on Monday, when Covid restrictions are lifted in England. I will still wear my mask, and use antibac gel where it is provided. I’m concerned that we could have another wave of infections and deaths from Covid.  In view of the number of people and lack of social distancing at Wembley last Sunday, will not produce another lockdown for London. Out here in the prinipalities things look a little more optimistic, though the numbers are still quite high. I’m doing virtually all the cooking at home now, as I am lead carer for my disabled wife. Last night it was sausage and chips, from the freezer. I over cook a little to ensure no rawness. More for taste and texture than anything else… I ended up kneeling down in front of the oven to clear away a deposit of brown from the floor of inside of the oven. Is there anything on my trousers? I really don’t know… And I’m wearing light coloured jeans. When I went to the gym on Monday, a sign said, ‘wipe down equipment before and after use’. I did, But once only. Once Only… The words specifically in that order. I listen to pop music over headphones from my mobile phone… Is it clean enough? I really don’t know, but the case is practically threadbare, so uncleanable anyway… And it has been fine being handled all day, and everyday. I use it a lot for the internet. A heck of a lot for the internet…  I buy a lot of stuff on the internet… It is a very secure way of shopping… I buy second hand books… The are cheaper to buy, but have also been handled… Like library books… Are they safe? Well, we don’t hear much about libraries being sued, do we? More later, God bless you for reading.


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