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      My wife has terrible ocd thoughts, the thoughts stopped then started again recently. Wanted to check if I anyone knows how I can help her make her ocd thoughts go away. And what does an ocd thought really mean? She thinks she’s now a bad person and I don’t know what to do to help



        I’m no professional but I think you can only really manage the condition rather than get rid of it entirely. So hoping to have the intrusive thoughts banished forever might be quite a high bar…you maybe need to take each day as it comes and know there will be better times and worse times. Sorry if that is really bad news – like I say I am not a professional so really hope I am not getting things wrong.

        I think the question “what does an ocd thought really mean” is really important but very tricky to answer as sometimes it is really hard to disentangle genuine worries from things that are OCD thoughts. Maybe we all sometimes wonder if we are a bad person – but if this idea is starting to upset and worry your wife and get in the way of life then that sounds very much like OCD to me.

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