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      Hi everyone,

      So I am away on holidays and basically 2 nights ago I had an intrusive thought as we were about to sleep (3 of us in total were sharing a bed). I then slept but shortly after I woke the following morning BANG it hit me & I got horrendous thoughts/images about something I could have done. IM SICK with disgust and worry & I keep replaying it OVER AND OVER.


      Did it happen this way.?? Or that way.?? Surely if it really did happen I’d remember every exact detail.?? When I’m lost in thought i’d b imagining “oh did it happen a certain way” and literally it’s like the scenario comes clear to my mind and I instantly imagine it as if it really happened. I FEEL SO SICK.


      I also got a thought yesterday that I remembered getting the first inappropriate thought before we slept the first night and I didn’t get another one until the morning which would mean I couldn’t have done anything wrong but heck it feels SO REAL…..

      Also I have been saying to myself it didn’t happen a certain way and the BOOM again I imagine that very way ITS TORTURE…

      I just keep saying to myself surely if the thought/image/scenario was real then surely they would’ve woke up and cried as a result of being hurt.?? But of course they didn’t (ocd now making me think maybe they did and imagining it)



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