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      Hi, I really do hope you all had a good New Year’s, I have never been a fan of firworks and all the noise either.
      I already wrote that food and foodstores do not bother me that much for some reason, at least most of the time. I did have some bad experiences though, once, for example, I went to a real shabby supermarket that did not look very clean. I bought some items nonetheless but the cashier too (and her hands!) looked really unkempt and disgusted me and the thought that she had handled all my items was hard to bear … I still managed to eat everything in the end but it did not feel good.

      Today I met in a friend in a café and as she was already sitting on the couch by the wall, I took a seat on the chair on the opposite side (with my back towards the corridor). I was tired when I arrived, threw my coat over the chair and put my backpack on the floor, leaning it against the table. When the café was about to close, an employee started to wipe the floor but I did not notice her until she reached our table as I was engaged in conversation. She swiftly wiped around (not under) it and I soon started to worry if her wiping mop may have come in contact with my backpack, or also the coat hanging from the chair behind me … the worst is that I got angry with myself because there was another free chair next to me and had I paid more attention, I could have piled up my backpack and coat more securely on that chair. I don’t know why I did not do it. I had been cleaning my apartment all day and was exhausted … 90% chance the mop did not even touch my things but I cannot be sure … anyway I was too tired today and did not clean anything. My coat cannot even be cleaned in a normal washing machine … I am just mad at myself. Especially because I realized my friend had actually put all her clothes on a chair, too, and she does not even have any OCD, so why was I so careless…
      It is so terrible when I feel like “I could have prevented this situation had I only acted differently” …


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