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      Hi there. We just have to keep plodding on… The good days will return… The UK is in crisis at the moment, but we must keep pushing on, in honour of those who have gone before us. Warm, sunny, evenings to sit outside will return. I can’t remember what ‘normal’ is any more. But one day we’ll look back on this, stronger, for the experience. We will still have friends, some we haven’t seen for a very long time, and some we’ll hopefully see again, ‘One sweet day’. To quote a song sung by Mariah Carey, I believe. I’ve had a bad cold since Saturday, so hardly slept last night. I watched the brilliant film ‘Music and lyrics’ through twice, so today it is like I’ve just come off night shifts. I went out today, and we went into an office with no windows… We were in there maybe 15 minutes, so how anyone can work in there all day I really don’t know. I had my face mask on, and used antibac gel where it was provided. I’ve not been depressed as such, but the way things are in the world now, it is difficult to not get the blues, so to speak. Lack of sleep doesn’t help, so tonight will be an early one… ‘Cold’ cures tend to make me feel even worse, with tummy ache, so today, I’ve just forced my way through the day, and will go to bed shortly. I’m very tired, so won’t have the bedroom TV on tonight. Tomorrow will take care of itself. If I feel up to it, I’ll rearrange some furniture. Study will start with a vengeance on Monday, to do a quiz on probably Thursday. The stuff I have looked at, I can recall okay, not bad when I’ve got a cold… I will look back on a couple of successes today, being positive, rather than focus on the negatives, whatever they were. I look forward to resting my head tonight. My cold has eased a bit, as it has each day a little so far. I’m desperately tired… Fighting to keep positive in a very uncertain world. Okay, That’s it for tonight. I have sleep to make up, so, more hopefully tomorrow. God bless you for reading.


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