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      Hi everyone, I’m normally only on here a couple of times a week. What I remember of my first therapy appointment was, a general introduction to each other, not just of me, but the therapist too, who will go on to explain how the sessions normally go, and how often they will be. I also remember, I believe, filling in a self assessment chart, like the Hamilton one, to see how we are at the first appointment and about how we are feeling. This helps to show us and the therapist just what we are struggling with most, so they can work from there. Then, over the course of sessions, we learn how to apply  new skills to every part of our lives. That’s cos there may only be 10-20 sessions, and we are learning how to unravel years of torment. At the end of the course of sessions, we fill in the same chart again, to see how far we have progressed. It may take more than one course, I actually had two, but you will hopefully be amazed at your progress.



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