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      My 25 year old son, out of nowhere, acquired debilitating OCD, to the point where he had to move back home. I read everything I could get my hands on to try to understand OCD. I repeatedly read in books and blogs that pharmaceuticals not only didn’t help, but made people worse. I chose instead to take my son 2.5 hours away for microcurrent neurofeedback, as I read that it helps some people with OCD. We did one treatment a week for 4 weeks. It made no difference whatsoever, so we stopped. Then I encouraged him to try ERP therapy. He tried this for several months. It didn’t seem to help him at all. All the while, his OCD was getting worse, progressing from hand-washing and cleaning, to worrying that he ran over a person when he passed over a bump on the road, or doubting that the light was green.

      [Note from Moderators: no medical source is provided for the following information, so please regard this as this user’s opinion and not as medical advice for assessment or treatment of OCD. We urge readers to contact their GP or other medical specialist qualified to treat patients with OCD for advice on assessment and treatment of OCD] I happened upon a doctor, a copper toxicity specialist, who treats many OCD patients because OCD patients often have high copper. I thought hmmm….copper goes high when zinc is too low. Zinc becomes malabsorbed when a person has gut issues. It took some convincing but I convinced my son to quit eating ALL gluten. I also gave him 30 mg Pure Encapsulations zinc picolinate every day. Within a week he was completely cured! OCD is extremely difficult for the person diagnosed, as well as the family that loves them. I hope this helps others. You can also go to [commercial medical services cannot be advertised on our website] who helps people all over the world with gluten issues. He will tell you that in some people, mental symptoms are the ONLY symptoms of gluten sensitivity.

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        We want you to know that you can also contact the OCD Action Helpline and Email Service to talk to or email someone who understands OCD.

        Our Helpline volunteers provide confidential and unbiased help, information and support for people with OCD (and their family members too). Most volunteers have personal experience of OCD; all understand OCD and how it can impact a family’s life.

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