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      Not too sure if many will see this, but in case this does end up helping someone I still thought about giving it a shot.
      Here’s some music suggestions that range from relatable to more hopeful. They’ve helped me a lot.

      1. Serotonin – Girl in Red

      Probably the song here that relates the most to OCD since it directly mentions intrusive thoughts. No matter what kind you have I’m sure you’ll be able to relate.

      2. Intertwined – Dodie

      has lyrics such as “I’m afraid of the things in my brain” that I feel is relatable. Both a relatable and hopeful song. Plus Dodie’s voice is really soothing.

      3. Secret for the Mad – Dodie

      Hopeful song. Really nice to listen to when you need some comforting. Good to listen to and just breathe.

      4. Ready Now – Dodie

      Alright last Dodie song lol. I really just suggest her music in general but these three have helped me the most. Another hopeful song.

      5. Sweet Hibiscus Tea – Penelope Scott

      A song for when your just down in the dumps about life. Not the most professionally made song, but I feel like that makes it feel more authentic.

      6. Alligator Skin Boots – McCafferty

      Love this song. Very relatable and the singers voice shows a lot of raw painful emotion.

      7. Ibuprofen – Bears in Trees

      A comforting song about people being there for you and about a guy finding a way to be happy.

      8. It’s Alright – Mother Mother

      in my opinion it’s a bit different than their other songs, which made it stand out to me. Nice hopeful song to listen to.

      9. Dead Weight – Jack Stauber

      a song about anxiety and how it prevents you from living life. Honestly Jack Stauber is a genius in many ways so I suggest his other music and work on YouTube.

      10. Hug all your friends – Cavetown

      both a relatable and comforting song. Cavetown makes really good music, and this one has really stuck out to me.

      I might be forgetting some, but these are the main ones I love. I hope some of these might help someone out there! I once thought there was no hope for me. I heard the phrase “living a nightmare I can’t wake up from” before so it was odd to actually live it. But I’ve been doing a lot better than before. Not prefect, but better. So whatever thoughts you may have you’ll make it through.


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