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      Hey guys,

      Thanks for giving me a place to share my thoughts firstly.
      I have my first ever face-to-face psychological therapy appointment in June. I knew at some point in my life this was going to happen, just something I’ve always put off. After discussing with a therapist over the telephone, which I’ll be honest I don’t feel I gained much from, I have been referred to a psychologist for my OCD type tendencies in my thoughts and thought patterns, as well as a potential diagnosis of Autism. Although, I don’t feel autistic in myself, I am quite social but I do like to be by myself and do my own thing a lot. I was a child diagnosed with ADHD, so I don’t know if there been crossed wires over the phone potentially…

      Anyways, I’m rambling. I’m curious as to what to expect on my first visit with a therapist. If anyone has been before, if they could share experiences and what they found out about themselves, was it worth it, are you in a better place and so forth, that would be extremely helpful! Just so you know, my OCD thoughts tend to fall into ocd behaviours which I’ve suffered with on and off for about 10 years and struggle to talk about.

      thanks guys!!

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