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      When anyone seeks reassurance,  they put themselves at a trmendous risk. Jthe other person could actually make us feel worse, rather than better. They could be cruel to us, deliberately wind us up for the heck of it. We are putting ourselves at their mercy. Can we really trust them? Let’s  just take on a way of thinking that, we are basically good people, with just a few flaws, human and fallible,  just as we allow  everyone else to be…

      No one is gonna be perfect in every way, it just isn’t possible. Because we actually do most of our ‘learning’, by finding out why something may be incorrect. Trial and error, right from the day we are born we are experimenting. Everyone. If someone keeps blaming me for stuff, why are they so intent on putting the emphasis onto me? What are they up to themselves? My perceived ‘weaknesses’ actually determine my ‘strengths’. And I have a lot of strengths, abilities, good things about me. You do too. I know that,  even though i have never met you, nor you, me. We are actually good people, simply because we care about such things. So many influential people in the world can be deemed and less than good. But we are just ordinary people. And ordinary  is beautiful. Wonderful in fact. Yes, let’s  tell ourselves that we are beautiful, not in a vain way, but in a modest, contented way. We allow others to, don’t we?

      It makes us think, doesn’t  it?



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