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      Ah yes… The fear of getting better… It sounds bizarre, but it can be very real… In the depths, it can indeed be scary to come up, so to speak, but, as we do, we gain strength on the way up, further lifting us… Being content, ‘just where you happen to be at the time’ is a strange concept, but, we can only start to come up, once we stop actually sinking lower. At some point, we stop going down. Hopefully before we hit rock bottom… Then our natural buoyancy can start to lift us up, and we can begin to feel better… But take it steady… Slow and sure can win the race, if indeed there is any real race… Does the saying ‘Been there, done that, worn the tee shirt.’  feel relevant here? Cos you have to have been there, to know what it can feel like. And I guess, a lot of us have already done so…


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