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      I hope everyone is doing great. These days I noticed something that I did not feel before. Since last year, i have been very interested in a sport that I had been following during my teenage years in early 2010s. Last year I was back into following it but noticed that my favorite athlete gets too much unfairness and negativity. Now on Twitter whenever I see something bad about the person that makes me feel angry, I feel really mad and have the urge to quote tweet that person who posted it and drag them, and I do it when i feel that extreme anger. I feel like I go crazy at that time. I don’t say anything unacceptable like I do not ever harass someone, I do not tell them death threats or anything. But that anger I feel at that time makes me scared because I fear that in the future I might get angry at those around me for whatever reason and physically harm them, even if I don’t have past of physical violence for the 25~ years of my time being on earth.


      For the record, the therapist who diagnosed me with ocd 7 years ago also diagnosed me with adhd several years ago. They recommend I use meds when I have to work a lot but I don’t think those meds do any good to me so I didn’t continue. I do take sertralin for ocd. Sometimes I doubt my adhd though because i didn’t have much problem with focusing when i was a child. It gradually got worse after I was 15.


      Thank you all in advance


        Hi there… I have this when certain ‘Celebrities’ come on TV, and I have to bite my lip to avoid swearing at the TV. Especially when any politicians come on.  Gym membership is a good way to burn the adrenalin off… Or going out for a ride on a pedal cycle. I prefer a treadmill though… With favourite music through headphones, so I don’t need to speak to anyone…


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