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      Last night I was watching a video about Canadian history and it brought up the statue built in honor of those who died in a war of something like that but my mind instantly went to saying stuff like “who cares if they died” and I felt good about it like some sort of psycho so I pondered about why we honor veterans to try and correct myself. This is the thing I hate about myself, I always question things humans should naturally understand and ruminate on it. Like why we love and care about others or what’s wrong with murder/death. Was I just not hugged enough as a child? I swear I used to be so empathetic before, now I’m evil. What’s worse is that I don’t even have anxeity over this stuff anymore and my emotions are very dull now. This no anxiety thing has been going on for like 4 years now so it can’t be a backdoor spike. I don’t know what’s wrong with me anymore. All I can think of is that I’m either a psychopath or I have some sort of existential harm OCD or a lack of morals. I used to obsess over yin and yang because it’s about how you can’t have good with bad and vise versa and I would have thoughts like “will maybe I should do bad so we can have good, obviously it’s needed” and I would fight these thoughts, I don’t think about it anymore but I definitely don’t like the symbol anymore, not after OCD ruined it for me. I hate myself, it’s like I don’t know right from wrong anymore and the thoughts feel genuine. I don’t even know how I got this way. One day I had major anxiety and was Afraid of going insnane and killing people and now it’s like I don’t care if someone dies. What is wrong with me? What do I do? Will I ever be able to love again? Please understand that I don’t want to think like this, otherwise I wouldn’t constantly try to fix myself mentally. I just want to be normal again.

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