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      Hey guys,

      ive put up a few posts on here regarding my OCD, or what I hope is OCD as I don’t want to be gay or have any desire to be with men (I believe lol – always the doubts isn’t there) and I have no hate against gay people etc. But I’ve suffered with this for a loooong time, almost 10 years… is this normal? It feels like it’s just part of me now and have forgotten what life was like prior to this. I know I was just always a guy who liked girls and it was just normal to me – never ever second guessed it.

      Ive recently spoken to a professional who believes my troubles arise from a lack of a father figure/male role model and being self conscious about my appearance and low self esteem – where I used to always compare myself against other males and how they were much more attractive than me etc.

      this actually made a lot of sense for me and helped me show a link of how I am today because that etc. So it was quite enlightening.

      My doubts have came back full swing again however. I understand I’m probably not one and just have a severe problematic case of OCD that won’t ever leave me.

      has anyone else suffered with this and ever really gotten over it and went back to ‘normal’? It’s been with me so long that it almost provokes anxiety to not be this way now. I’m very confused and lost and as much as I want a definitive answer to the question ‘am I gay or not?’ I feel scared that there’s that chance so could be and that my whole life would change from what I live and breathe. I do of my course want this to stop and to not worry but will that ever be a thing?

      hope that all makes sense – any help as always, hugely appreciated

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