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      Hi there. I think on balance, we’ve all made the right decisions. I actually took early retirement from a job, that was wrecking my health. And I don’t regret it. On balance, it is better to step back, and live to fight another day. The thing is, it is better to walk away from an unbearable situation, than wait until we break, and end up going out on an ambulance stretcher. Our mental health is actually quite fragile, and breaking it can lead to years of recovery.  That’s what happened to me. In your life it is about making the right decision for you. You will be okay, others can deal with their own situation, just as you’ve protect yourselves. No one can do it for us, we have to take control of our own life experience. So there’s no failure here. We’re all gaving it a really good try, and now, due to circumstances out of our control, it is time to get into a lifeboat so to speak.  Everyone  would rather be safe, and healthy, and well.  Time to live to fight another day. Carry on writing here, so you can refer back to this.. Stress can kill. People have tried to commit suicide over less. I have…  I’ll write more tomorrow, as I’m really tired. I stayed up last night, my wife had to go into hospital, and I’m still feeling the after effects! She is okay, I will sleep tonight. You all sleep tonight too. God bless you for reading.

      Wannabe 🙂

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