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      You might think “Did I do it?”  about an intrusive thought. Is there certainty in performing a ritual by thinking about images if you’re doing it deliberately? And maybe doing this to test for ocd? And to check how you feel about an image or idea? If I was really certain I wouldn’t need to do this as I would know, there would be no doubt, right? If ocd images are popping up automatically and on their accord, is this simply an intrusive thought? Does everyone gets them? Mine are of this nature due to anxieties around having ocd. They say don’t analyse the images or check yourself which I’ve done many of times. If I’ve checked myself in the past and thought “well I don’t like that” then that’s not going to change, so no matter how many images I think up, Im always eventually going to reach the same conclusion. I hope this makes sense…any help?

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