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    Junglist OCD

      I first used this forum about 5 years ago when I was going through a torrid time after some big life changes.

      Straight to the point all the obsessions are focussed on intrusive and catastrophic, worst case scenario topics and thoughts. Sometimes as is the case now, they are triggered by real-life events.

      In no particular order major trigger themes:R relationships, Disease (STD’s) and death, Sleep.

      I’ve had two bouts of CBT and I am on Sertraline 100mg for 5 years now.

      Pretty much been in control of life for the last 4-5 years until I tested positive for Covid for the first time recently. The ‘what if’s’ have returned with vengeance and its been a battle now for 12 days.

      I still tested positive on day 8 and then stopped. I only had mild-ish symptoms then and still have mild-ish now. My wife tested negative the same day and all hell broke loose.

      OcD kicked in …

      Why me, how come my wife is OK now? Why am I still positive? Am I alone in all this? Am I getting worse not better? If I still feel mildly ill is that a bad sign?

      Physical reactions, response, kicked in ..

      Search google endlessly for reassurance, answers. Take my temperature repeatedly. Buy an Oximeter to measure my blood oxygen.

      Then avoidance kicked in …

      Should I do another test?, What if I never test negative? If I’m always negative is this the end? Is it only a matter of time before my health deteriorates or even worse.

      At this moment in time, I’m trying to be wholly logical. Trying to tell myself that I can still run, swim. Symptoms are only and were only mild-ish. I have a lingering productive cough (colour of grass!) but this can take weeks to pass. Is this just a bad cold now. If I was still positive on the rapid test after almost two weeks that doesn’t mean I’m going to become seriously ill or worse. Perhaps people can test positive on these tests for a long time and they or  I don’t know?

      I’m well enough to crack on but should I give in and take another rapid test or just carry on and deal with the uncertainty.

      What would you do in my position?

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        Thanks for posting on the forums and we’re sorry you haven’t had many replies yet, but please don’t think you’re ever alone.

        If you want to talk to someone who understands, you can also contact the OCD Action Helpline – our Helpline volunteers provide confidential information and support for people with OCD (and anyone who thinks they may have OCD). Most volunteers have personal experience of OCD; all understand how it can impact your entire life.

        Contact our Helpline by:

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