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      If I could change anything I’d avoid any interaction with NHS mental health services and found the money to see someone privately. There’s no guarantee of a private therapist being better but I’ve met one or two who seem to genuinely care and aren’t just in it for the cash.

      In the NHS besides those inaccuracies there’s the waiting times, bureaucracy and people – not all – who simply don’t care and are ignorant about OCD. Of course my experience is a very negative one but I doubt I’m alone in being treated like shit and having bullshit all over their medical records.


        Hi there, I agree… We just don’t know what is being said or written about us… A trick I use, is to get a CBT workbook, and go through it, but instead of writing suff in the book, I bury it on the computer word processor, so that only I can find it… It is not fair for us to try and confess for every slightest thing, when we allow others around us to have far more rights than we give ourselves…

        A good book to read… ‘The feeling good handbook, by Dr David burns. His books are really good reading, and he approaches life in a really good way…

        I gave my copy away… It is available on e-bay…


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