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      I am brand new to this site but unfortunately not to the world of OCD. I had my first bad episode to OCD around ten years ago now although looking back as a child I now realise I had it all along. I used to worry so much as a child over things I had no control over.
      like you I also have mostly Pure O. However I also do have compulsions but a lot of them are mental. Now the false memory one is the biggie for me. I have convinced myself so many times that something bad must of happened to me in my childhood for this horrible all consuming debilitating illness to be affecting me. Don’t get me wrong my childhood wasn’t perfect however the thoughts i have given myself are insane. I’ve imagined being abused etc which I know deep down I wasn’t but the amount of time I have given to the what if, even pictured what happened etc makes me feel like I am going crazy. I have suffered with guilt too and also the constent bombardement of the racing thoughts has me feeling crazy. Sometimes I will just get a random image in my head – nothing scary at all like an image of a tree and the amount of anxiety this creates in me is unreal it’s like my body is on alert for any thought I have to be a scary one. Anyway I hope this helps you feel less alone. Please do message me if you need any further help. Also I take fluoxetine and have done for years. I am usually stable with my illness however my grandads death has seemed to kick this all off so I would say that medication has really helped me live a normal life. I too was scared when I fist started taking the tabs but they do work.


        I took Citalopram/Celexa for several months. It was not so harsh for me as was Sertraline.

        Serialise made me feel very disconnected. Not so much Celexa. But it took 3 months to really kick in. Towards the end of my time with it I started getting brain zaps at night.

        Did it help? Maybe. I think so. I think it stopped panic attacks.

        I’ve been OK now for about 3 years. I don’t take meds now. But I have tinnitus and vertigo which seemed to start about the time just after I had brain zaps. Connected? I don’t know. Just thought it was worth saying.

        I think those meds are, or can be, pretty harsh.

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          Forum moderators here; we’re sorry you haven’t had many replies yet. Please don’t take this personally or ever think you’re alone. It may just be that forum users are taking a bit of  time to consider how to reply and support you.

          And please remember that you can also contact the OCD Action Helpline to talk to or email someone who understands OCD.

          Our Helpline volunteers provide confidential help, information and support for people with OCD (and anyone who thinks they may have OCD). Most volunteers have personal experience of OCD; all understand how it can impact your entire life. Contact our Helpline by:

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          And please remember that you’re never alone – OCD Action is always here to help and support you.

          Best wishes,

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