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      I reckon it’s just plain OCD that I suffer from. Do you have any websites or recommendations on where to find ocd therapists?

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        Forum moderators here – we wanted to reply publicly to help users trying to find information resources on our website. Here, we’ll explain how to find resources if you’re:

        • looking for therapy for OCD in the UK
        • interested in reading about “Pure O” (a “label” some people use to describe their OCD)

        Our “Resouces” page has a lot of very useful information on OCD therapy, both by NHS and private therapists. Please note: our therapy resources will not use “labels” like “Pure O” but should still be helpful.

        You can access our “Resources” page, by clicking on this link:

        To find information about therapy:

        Sroll down the page and click on any of the blue/green banners such as “I want to find out about the recommended treatments” or “I want to learn about getting help from the NHS“.

        To read about “Pure O”:

        Some people like to use labels to describe what their OCD looks or feels like to them such. ‘Pure O’ is one of these labels. As this is not officially a different type of OCD, you won’t see it mentioned on our Resources page. But there are a few pages that use the term “Pure O”:

        • on the page “‘PURE’ DEMYSTIFIES THE O OF OCD'” you’ll find information and links to the TV show “Pure” and the popular book “Pure” by Rose Cartwight: ‘:
        • on the page: “CHARLOTTE’S STORY”: Charlotte shares her experiences of OCD, which she uses the label “Pure O” to describe:
        • There are several support groups specifically for people who use the label “Pure O”. On our “OCD ACTION SKYPE/PHONE/ZOOM SUPPORT GROUPS” page, scroll down and click on the blue/green bar that says: “I am an adult with OCD”.  A form displays that you can fill out and with the option to select a “Pure O” group.

        If you need additonal help, please remember that you can contact our OCD Action Helpline and Email Service by

        We hope you’ll find this information helpful!

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      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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