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      Hi everyone, Have you ever thought that another way to think about OCD is that, maybe, if you really were a bad person, OCD wouldn’t bother you so much? Do people even care if you have OCD?  Anyone is worthy of life… I mean, Anyone… Including you and me. There are lots of clichés to help, including the classic, ‘To err is human, forgive, Divine…’  Everyone, and that is, Everyone, goofs up at some point in the life. Hopefully, they then go on to learn not to make the same mistake again. That’s how we become better people.  Scientists learn from their mistakes, that’s how research is carried out.  Wasn’t it Thomas Edison who found a thousand ways how not to make a lamp bulb?  Metaphorically speaking, Pile your mistakes up on the floor, climb on top, and get a better view of the road ahead. It’s just another viewpoint. Hope this helps.


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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