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      Hi there… When I’m working in my kitchen at home, I verbally converse with an idiot member of staff I used to work with… They picked fault with everything I did…  I now imagine them filling out a solicitors claim form… Just in case someone should get a tummy upset in the future, supposedly because of me. I tell them to record the time of when I only washed my hands twice… Because a claim form is a ‘legal document’.  I’m doing it in defiance…  After years of leaving that care home, I sometimes wonder why the emphasis was always on me… What were they doing, in a care home, making everyone concentrate on what I’m doing. Maybe it was driven by jealousy, because I was very popular with the patients and clients/service users.  I’ve worked in some care homes where some staff don’t particularly like people in general anyway… So why are they doing that kind of work anyway? The pay was rubbish…

      I still hear that background voice…  Is it good enough? Is it clean enough? Did  I lock that door? The car? The thing is, if I give in and check again, the stronger gets the urge to go back and check again, and again, and so on. So now, I lock the door, and just leave it… The voice will last for a couple of minutes, until something else fills my mind with joy…

      It’s not easy is it? Such is our world of OCD.



        My ocd is really annoying other people. It’s very upsetting and it’s causing me a lot of anxiety. Is this normal?

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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