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      Hi A exercise I want to try that I heard is guaranteed to help with my OCD about germs is to touch something I think is really dangerous or polluted over and over for a few weeks. But is this safe? I’ve never done it, does it work?


        Hi there. Rather than things that are extremely dangerous, try doing it by picking up and putting down things in a supermarket… Apples, Potatoes, Mushrooms, bread that won’t be cooked before eating, packs of cheese. This is deemed reasonably safe, cos it is exactly what checkout operators do every day. No antibacterials needed. A CBT therapist got me doing this as an exercise. Eventually I got to picking up raw meat wrapped in Cellophane. Handle everything, look at it, read the wrappers, boxes… Buy some if you wish, but not everything. Believe me, no one gets ill… Everyone in the shop will already be doing it unconsciously. It seems strange to start with, but it does get easier with time! And it all goes through the checkouts…


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