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      Lockdown has effected so many people with OCD I also woke up with a false memory beginning of first lockdown and it really really made me ill. Managed to overcome it by simply ignoring the thoughts and not allowing it to develop further. I also got myself an allotment to keep myself busy which helped to ease my anxiety. I’d say that splitting with your girlfriend has also caused a spike in these OCD feelings as you will be filled with doubt as to why your relationship broke down for example thinking well it must mean I’m gay then! When it really doesn’t. Like I said, the fact that you’re filled with anxiety and doubt and you’re testing yourself shows it’s OCD. I haven’t personally suffered with OCD but many other themes and it’s always the same principle in order to recover: allow the thoughts to be there, don’t analyse them and they will eventually go away. Yes they may come back again and again but don’t threat or fear them just ignore them. It’s just OCD demanding attention but don’t give it any x

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