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      Hey guys, a small update on my ocd. So I looked deeper into the studies done on this kind of ocd and there’s…not that many studies done on it. The majority were based on one survey made back in the 1980s-1990s and hasn’t been looked into since. Many trans people seem to argue against this supposed theme anyways, and I can see why, for it has some implications (such as trans women being the same as male crossdressers etc.). Also, the DSM-5 doesn’t officially recognize it as a real condition. Many even argue it’s more of an obsession than a condition, which is what I would’ve assumed since I know many cis people think about having thoughts of the opposite gender too and they don’t necessarily desire to be the opposite gender. Overall, it has very outdated information, and it just reduces trans people which is wrong. Still, it still isn’t enough to convince me that I’m not a trans person in denial.

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