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      I used to use this forum a long time ago with a old account and now I want to find a person I used to know here. How can I message them?

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        Forum moderators here:

        If you used our previous forums, we understand that these new, improved forums may take a while to get used to and we’d like to help.

        All active users of the previous forums were contacted about their accounts on the new forums. Many of your old “forum friends” will be using these forums …and by posting and replying to topics, you can make new forum friends too!

        Why did the forums change?

        Your safety is a top priority at OCD Action. We want everyone in our user community to always feel safe while using the forums.

        So, we worked with user feedback to develop new forums with improved security and privacy features.

        With your help, we launched these forums in late 2020, and they’ve been an invaluable source of support during very difficult and challenging times.

        We also want to be sure that everyone knows:

        – we gave users advance notice about these new forums, explained all changes and new features, and invited everyone to send us your questions

        – it wasn’t possible to link these forums to the previous forums, so you cannot find older posts here

        – some users from the previous forums chose not to keep their accounts active; if former users are not on these forums, this was a personal choice and not a decision made by OCD Action

        Need more helpStill have questions? Email us at:

        We’re happy to help and will get back to you as soon as we can!

        Forum Moderators

        Forum Moderators

          Hi there,

          Occasionally, forum users email us asking how to get in touch with friends who are not active on the forums. We’re sorry, but to protect everyone’s safety, privacy and security, we never give out anyone’s contact details or personal information.

          For the same reasons, please don’t post your own contact/ personal details on the forums – that includes social media details. If you do, we’ll get in touch and remind you that we’ll need to remove them.

          And remember: your friends may just be taking a break from the forums. The best way to communicate with them, and all users at the same time, is to reply to a topic or start your own. If your friends do still visit the forums, they’ll see that you’re an active member of our forum use community!

          Best wishes,

          Forum Moderators

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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