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      Hi everyone. If you have one friend who understand OCD, then that’s better than no friends at all. And they will be valuable support. Peer support for all of us is vital. now At this present time socialising is curtailed because of Covid, leaving us feeling isolated, and on our own, people are literally living in their bedrooms but the future will be a lot better. If you have your own space and internet access with a usable connection speed, there are books to read to help you. They are easy to get on Amazon. One that I have downloaded to Kindle reader is ‘Feeling good, the new mood therapy’, by a Dr David Burns. It is really uplifting, and actually uses CBT techniques to help us with daily life. It may be possible to install kindle reader on the PC. I bought a kindle fire on ebay, and it is so easy and cheap to download whole books to. A useful toy! I use a lot of therapeutic music on headphones… The Kindle does that as well! Remember, you definitely have the strength, but people around you need to help you. In your own space you can listen to whatever music you like, whenever you like, this could actually be a blessing in disguise… Meanwhile, relax, eat breakfast which definitely sets you up for the day. It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Sometimes it is about acceptance rather than reassurance that gets us through… Going positive and making the best we can with what we have to work with at the time, is a health issue. But. hopefully, things will come right…leave a window open in your room and it will be letting in fresh air. That apart… Meditation can be good too… Paul McKenna does some good recordings… They may be available on youtube… The internet is a fantastic thing…With my current studies it is about having a cosy desk in my bedroom, a dedicated study space, that has my own stuff on it. Calming music, on headphones, to get full spectrum sound… I can cut myself off from the rest of the world for a short time… Mmmmm…. I feel like getting back to my studies now, but it is Saturday, a day off from studying. To be honest, I’m struggling to remember the stuff I’m reading, so may have to reduce my medicine dosage. The one I’m on at night makes me sleep, nut then I’m drowsy during the day… I’ve been on a new dosage for about a month… I might halve the dose again by splitting the tablet… I really don’t know… Maybe I’ll give it another month, and see. I’m having to read, and reread, to try and commit it all to memory… I’ve no exams, but have to do quizes each section, and my memory is like a sieve. It used to be because I was constantly worrying about germs and contamination. I feel really tired right now… And I’m positive! God Bless you for reading.

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