Where does self esteem come from? (For those of us trying to find it)

    Well… I Don’t  know,  but I suspect it has something to do with childhood.

    So where do I  get some now?

    From deep down inside myself. It just needs unlocking. We just need to activate it… Yes… You too dear friend.

    Let’s  work at it, you and I.

    So, We need to act as if we are the most confident person in the room. Tale control of a small part of our situation. Just a little bit at a time. Gradually  taking on more as we go along.

    We have the right to back off as necessary..  But make sure we go back for more. Then make sure we leave on a high so to speak. The song says, It’s not where you start, but where we finish, and we are gonna finish on top!

    Just keep going until bedtime… That’s all we are built to do… One day a time sweet Jesus, the song goes…

    Good advice that… Regardless of faith or whatever…

    It is like climbing out of a proverbial hole, and emerging into nice warm sunshine. Breathe the fresh air…

    Let’s smile in the mirror…

    That person smiling back is you. The way the rest of the world sees you. Your eyes are the most important thing to look at… Ignore everything else, just as we do others. The eyes are the windows of the soul, our most beautiful part. The most important part of ourselves. The absolute best… Maybe we need to tell ourselves that.. In the mirror..  a super  smile.

    Until next Friday then.. 30th Feb or thereabouts. same time, right here.