Instead of giving the direct reassurance, Maybe say something like… ”Let’s just wait and see… If necessary, Together…”

    This for me would mean that I have to not do anything extra, just in case, cos it might be a waste of my effort anyway…

    I could plan for tomorrow, but it may rain, or the trains be on strike… I have no absolute power over anything at all, and that can be a release for me… I don’t need to try and prevent… Because until x thing happens, I won’t know what to mend first… Trust it, until it genuinely goes completely wrong… And find that, in most things in life, it doesn’t anyway, so why worry…

    Many years ago, Hospital maintenance staff used to PPM’s, that is Planned Preventative Maintenance… It took up a lot of time and employees. So not it is, Wait til it breaks, then mend the whole thing, or maybe even replace the item.

    I guess it is a political decision. But a lot of equipment is manufactured to just  be replaced these days…