I can be said that our intrusive thoughts strike directly at our inner selves, Our own beliefs, values, situation etc. That is why they have so much power over us…

    I guess that a lot of intrusive thoughts themselves, are experienced by every member of society. But many seek to dismiss as silly, their own, and other peoples fears and intrusive thoughts. Fear of shame or embarrassment if disclosed.

    People think I’m stupid… And may say so… But, my strategies of living have been kicked, punched, finely tuned, by decades of life’s moments. Some good, many bad… As is probably the case for everyone anyway, but only some actually admit to having intrusive thoughts… I guess that, at some points in history, people could be locked up for having intrusive thoughts. Intrusive, because we don’t like or want them. But that is all they are… Thoughts that intrude on our hopefully normal serenity.

    Tranquilisers that Tranquilise us chemically, slow the brainwaves to help us feel more tranquil, actually serve to slow down other parts of our bodily systems… Like metabolic rate, so that, the chocolate biscuits actually cause weight gain… But I do like the taste of chocolate biscuits! And all-butter shortbread!!

    Is that why depressed people become overweight sometimes… The comfort eating… But also a metabolic rate being slowed by medication?