Forum Moderators
    Forum Moderators here – as you posted a question to the forum, you’ve already created a topic! And here’s a basic guide to topic writing:
    To get support and help from other forum users, you’ll need to start a new forum topic. It’s really quite easy::
     1. Make sure you’re logged in and go to the forum home page:
     2. Select the “Create new topic” button.
    3. Fill in the fields. Include a descriptive Topic Title that tells users something about you, your questions or your personal situation. You’ll likely get more replies if users have a good idea what your topic is about.
    5. Then write about your topic in the “Body” section, following the tips in the Forum Guidelines before posting. You can find them as a “sticky” topic at the top of each forum. Describe your topic in enough detail so that users will understand your question or situation. You can decide how long you’d like your topic to be, but remember that users sometimes don’t like to read very long topics.
     6. When your topic is ready, click on the “Submit” button.
     5. Then, please be patient while waiting for users to reply. It may take a day or longer before you get any replies. We have a community of users from all over the world who may be in different time zones than you.