I sent the parcel!

    Something else to keep simple then…

    With contamination OCD it is easy to think that our hands contaminate everything they touch… But do they? Really?

    How can we ever know for sure? We aren’t surgeons working inside the human body, inside the natural defences. We ar ordinary people trying to live a normal life…

    So… Exactly when are our hands perfectly clean then? Straight after washing? What with?

    If we work on the principle that using antibacterial gels makes our hands perfectly clean… Try something.

    We aren’t using perfumed soap that is not in itself sterile (Like we did before meals as children). We are using something that we wipe on our hans, then allow to evaporate away…

    If we do that then… Right now. And immediately our hands are dry, sniff the back of your hand gently.

    It doesn’t actually ‘smell’ clean, even though, in theory, it is now sterile.

    So… NEVER sniff your hands or fingers… It is not an even slightly accurate method of ensuring cleanliness. Just wash them normally and dry on the towel (The towel will be good enough regardless of whether or not we put the loos seat, if you even have one… We often didn’t), and blissfully carry on with your day. Test it… CBT it, if you like…

    Likewise alternatively, just use the provided gel sparingly once only, if that is more convenient at the time.

    So. Next time you go shopping, now that things are under some sort of control with Covid, Do occasionally put items back on the display. It is very likely they have already been handled by someone else already anyway.

    Try it… Just once at first… And see what your own research is telling you, for real.