Hi there,

    I do so appreciate what you are going through here, I think… I can be sat in a church, and hear loud swearing in my head, and lot’s of really disgusting stuff… It made me think there was something wrong with me. The thing is, I reckon everyone has thoughts like that, but won’t admit it. Mind you, I don’t ask anyone, I might get kicked out of religious buildings!

    Us Ocd’ers are a very conscientious lot, Aren’t we? We feel so responsible for everything and everyone, and often to our own disadvantage. I see people in the street, and wonder what they must be thinking to themselves.

    I would worry about germs at the doctors surgery… Sitting in the waiting room, people chat. How often we have seen it, when two people in the waiting romm tell each other they are fine, When in reality, If they were both fine, then neither of them would be waiting to see the doctor!!!

    I am shortly to be going to a holiday centre… Has anyone there got clean hands? I very much doubt it. So I’ll try not to use the antibacterial lotion in a continuous manner, that is, not every single time I pass some.

    It is difficult, but yes, we need to accept the thoughts, as just thoughts, a weary threading of stories going through the minds’ eye. Even when the dreams feature people we actually know,  as characters, as if in a film written by somebody else… Fascinating, Isn’t it?

    It does get easier over time…