Look at this… Today I went to a chip shop for a kebab… The ethics of that apart, it does taste nice. But, Has everything got to be sterile? Money never has been… No coin is sterile… Look at the penny falls machines at the seaside… Is anything in there clean? Well, they don’t look clean. And yet, we don’t get ill. Well we don’t, do we? Right from being babies and children, we have rarely washed hands when climbing trees and stuff. Pram wheels nailed to planks of wood to make go-karts… We turned the wheels by hand and steered using our feet. Our hands would have been unbelievably grubby! And be honest, when going home for tea, did we use antibacterials? All this is evidence in our favour… It will stand up in court of law. I’m sure it will, and I’ll rest on a defence lawyer if I ever need to.