Anyone remember being told stuff like ‘Elders and betters’, ‘Children should be seen and not heard’, and ‘Little things please little minds’, when referring to modelmaking, craft skills etc.

    They were wrong, Weren’t they! Definitely wrong, misinformed. And yet, I took a lot of this on, as a child. It shaped the adult person I would become. ‘Feeling small’,  ‘of little value to man or beast’, ‘Insignificant’ when compared to my ‘Significant others’ around me.

    Looking back, I may not have been brilliant at stuff, especially when compared to my siblings by not so nice teachers at school. But, since school etc.  Some of the things I have done, have been pretty special, things that, maybe not special to anyone else, but for me, myself, okay…

    We are all of us amazing. That we achieve anything at all, is a bit of a miracle in itself. Sometimes, the things we get to do, are better than ‘Good enough’. Way better. We achieve greater than our wildest dreams would normally suggest. It’s just a case of actually noticing these things, and also, when someone actually does compliment us on something, believing them, and accepting the praise with grace in our hearts.

    So… Let’s keep things simple. The more complicated we make something, the more likely it is to go wrong. Just ask anyone who is involved in any kind of design occupation.