Yes, Yes I do. Something that has driven us for a time needs to undone, on purpose, undone. If we stop something suddenly, we can be fine, then the thoughts come back, sometimes twice as bad. And yet… That’s the turning point… The intrusive thoughts become only just so strong… Over and over again… The first resist is more difficult than the second. I resist, and wait for the stress to go up a bit, and then, hey presto, it reduces for a while, as something else takes it’s place. The stress inevitably goes up, but hold firm, defy it, and it will die away on it’s own. After a time, we can find that we are in a state of recovery, And at that point we are really winning!

    Stuff we’ve done for a longer time can be a bit more difficult to pause and stop from, But the same principle applies…

    Eventually, Gone are the impulses that weirdly get stronger, the More we check… Because we know we have done the thing okay anyway… No harm or excessive risk to myself, or indeed, anyone else

    Replaced by inner calmness, and blessed relief. It can be done!