Hi everyone…

    Another week survived, just…

    This week we are going to look at the value of ‘Thank you’.

    Normally, us OCD’ers find ourselves often using the word ‘Please’. It is Please this, Please that, may I please have some reassurance. The problem with the word ‘Please’, is the first four letters of the word… Plea.

    A plea is a desperate request… Where we place our self-value below that of the person we are asking. That is a negative situation. Not a good starting point. We need to be positive, in order to go forward with our lives.

    Contrast this with saying ‘Thank you’. When someone else says it to us, we feel good, elated, positive about ourselves. We all have something we can actually really say a big ‘Thank you’ for something. It may be as little as having enough sweetener in our Coffee, Or the fact that someone returned a gentle smile to us today. A comfortable bed for tonight. Enough food to make at least one more meal today, and hopefully manage to ‘enjoy’ it.

    Last thing at night, I don’t say the ‘Lords prayer’, But simply, and sincerely say the words ‘Thank you’, out loud. It may or may not matter if anyone hears me, But I do. And it feels good…

    I go to the supermarket, and force myself to meet the gaze of the till operator, smile, and say  ‘Thank you’.  I guess it makes their day, and them smiling back at me, makes mine. It costs nothing, and yet means so, so much. It is the natural human thing to do. Try it… Just once at first. Say ‘Hiya’ to anyone who makes eye contact with you, but no more. Unless of course they reply… They will in effect be wishing you a good day… It feels so nice to hear someone else do that for us…

    Shops are a good place to begin… Even the petrol station till operator. They might see no one for hours, or lot’s of people in a shift, but how many smile? It isn’t the cash desks’ fault for the price of the purchase.

    So… Over the weekend, put yourself into a situation where you can honestly say ‘Thank you’. For anything, regardless of cost, or need.

    In the church, there is a song called ‘Count your blessings…’ (When upon life’s billows you are tempest tossed…’)

    Sometimes a blessing can be a single breath, a sniff of a flower scent. A warm coat on a cold day, Even the chance to smile, to make someone’s day, and thus, they you.  Money alone cannot buy happiness, it is often the things that cost little, that can have the most value.

    A person with an unlimited expense account will never know to true value of anything, Whereas, You and I can see a tiny flower, or a beautiful shade of colour, A favorite biscuit or cake… Mine is chocolate…

    I now have to start making tea for myself and my caree. Something really nice, tasty, but not expensive necessarily. We already have something in the freezer… I just have to cook it first. And the cooker works, so I will start from right now.

    My grandchildren visit tomorrow… Tiring, but oh, so wonderful. We have a lot of fun together. And then they go home! But only until next week. I absolutely adore the times we get to spend together. It is really nice to be able to share. And they bring out the youthfulness in me. I have a badge that states ‘Growing old is inevitable… But growing up is optional!!!

    Until next week then, dear friends. Thank you for reading this whole article. I really do appreciate you for doing so.

    Now it over to you… Let’s have some fun!

    Same time, same place, next week 3/11/2023 at about 6pm.