Hi there, and Welcome.

    To be honest, I’m actually a Great Grandparent, but still see how children are amazing. They don’t worry about crawling on the floor or ground, cos their natural defences are building, they are exploring the world from the angle of not actually worrying, or being anxious about things.  I honestly do believe that having children is the most stressful, but then, the most rewarding job ever. We get to experience life in all its’ fullness, we find ourselves actually learning from the children too, they start talking, and amaze us by the way they see everything.

    I hope there will be others sharing on here. It has been very quiet for several months now. I read a lot of things on the forum, it is a great way to see that we are not alone in this, there are millions of us all around the world, but actually talking about things like this for me, being a fella, some see it as a weakness, but no, it is an amazing learning curve.

    Maybe one day you’ll write a book, or film. Our kids love us, they may not say it out loud, being ‘cool’, if that is how they say it these days, but with children around, life is magical.

    I’m visiting some of mine tomorrow, and it will be ace!