Hi, I have just read this post and it has really pulled at my heartstrings. Your daughter sounds like me. Everything you described was like reading something my own mum could have written when I was 18, right down to the content of your daughter’s thoughts. My OCD seemed to really kick off around my A levels and really came to ahead when I was waiting for my results. I, like your daughter, spent hours seeking reassurance from my mum, dad and friends. I even found myself using my counselling sessions as another outlet to seek reassurance and to make sure I wasn’t a ‘bad person’.

    I am 30 now and I finally feel ready to stop seeking reassurance hence why I have joined this forum. I have started CBT again as of last week and I am feeling more determined than ever. I read a book during lock down and for some reason it just clicked. I don’t know if your daughter is the same but, when I was 18 and all through my 20’s I didn’t really BELIEVE in CBT. I didn’t believe in refraining from confessing. I didn’t believe in carrying out the excersizes set out for me in my counselling sessions. I think I thought that, if I just confessed everything to the relevant people I wouldn’t have anything to feel guilty about or worry about any more. I no know that this is exactly what fed my OCD and I finally see how I was making the old stronger.

    I don’t really know if this response to your post can help you in any way but I just really wanted to tell you that, I HAVE battled with OCD (purely thoughts) most days of my life. It has got easier (some blips during covid) as ive got older. I understand it more. Some days better than others but please also know that I have also lived a really fun and happy life and im sure your daughter will too. She will get there! I feel like I can say this to you because you have posted on this forum which means she has a supportive parent willing to help her. My parents are the same and I couldn’t have got through those early years (a level etc and diagnosis of OCD) without them.

    Last thing I wanted to say, I have read some brilliant books recently and they have been more helpful to me than any therapy! She is studying at the moment so it may not be the right time but when she is ready they might be helpful for her!

    Feel free to message me for recommendations 🙂