If you’d like some tips you can always send me a DM and I can help more directly too, but here’s some good advice for you: Mindfulness is really important, but overall you should view a lot of OCD as habitual and behavioral. What that means is a lot of OCD just becomes our own habit. We think thoughts, go through ritual cycles, and repeat over and over again. It is very difficult for people to break out of those cycles.

    What you want to do is be mindful and also be aware that so much of OCD is habit and behavior. Recognize when you are being OCD or thinking thoughts that are ridiculous and build habits about moving on to new thoughts. People with OCD tend to get stuck and don’t have a lot of ability to move on from those thoughts to move on to new thoughts. Don’t get too stuck thinking in the thoughts when you realize they are OCD and ridiculous. Learn how to think things and move on, that is a great tip.